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Short Preview of Dynamic Lighting

Yesterday we found a cool plugin that allowed us to easily add dynamic lighting to the game. We think it makes a difference in the atmosphere. Let us know what you think.   The Plugin is called Khas - Advanced Lighting, we were impressed with how different we were able to make the lighting with [...]

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The People of Star-Shift – Artemis Reznor

This is one of many of our clips regarding the characters of Star-Shift, Artemis Reznor, a matriarch of Corsair Station. She is quite brutal and many have died at her hand. You fall into her trap trying to rescue your crew. Website: Facebook: Youtube: Hashtags: #StarShift #RPG #JRPG #RPGMaker #Psychronic #MV

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The Blood Omen

The Blood Omen is an experimental weapon which killed the entire planet of Raxion II and 50 million lives. The attack supposedly came from the Novus Federation...But I'm not so sure. In Star-Shift, in order to set the tone for the world that the characters live in, there will be parts of the game where [...]

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