Psychronic Game Studios is an independent game company located in Bellingham, WA. Psychronic is dedicated to making unique and interesting games that people love to play, year after year. Psychronic specializes in RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and Strategy/Tactics games for the PC, Web and Mobile.

Our main philosophy on game design is to focus first on making the game high quality, releasing as a commercial project, with money as the secondary goal, used to fund further game development. However in most game design, the assets/resources/materials are typically created behind closed doors. We aim to turn this part of the process on it’s head and go with a 100% open source development model. This means that while our games are being developed, we will release assets, resources and methods to help others in making their game as well.

We are taking inspiration from many games we’ve played in the past but also trying to add something new. We are focused on constant improvement in our games, even when the game is released, it’s still not “done”. It can always be improved. We hope to have a long-term and stable following because of the quality of our games.

Our primary focus at this time is to finish our first commercial product. Our first game is called “Star Shift”. It is an RPG with multiple branching story arcs, as well as a tactical RPG for fleet and army battles, within the game. In this first project, we are trying to use a formula of mixing the western style RPG’s (choose your own adventure), with the Japanese style (Super epic, but linear). We hope to have a game which is choose your own adventure, but with more depth like a linear RPG.

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