In Star Shift, there are multiple ways to handle a specific problem and there’s many problems that pop up during the game. The game has many characters who can be recruited who will each add to the story (opening and closing certain plot lines).
In this small example you basically have 2 choices. You land on a planet where there’s a terrorist attack going on and drones running loose. You are ordered to take out everyone who MIGHT BE working with the terrorists or rebels, including those who are in a non-combat role. After you defeat the robots, you encounter a family trapped in a room…You have orders to kill them.

Scenario 1 – You follow your orders:
In scenario 1, you follow your orders to the letter, and kill a family in cold blood.
Scenario 2 – You don’t follow orders:
In scenario 2 you disregard the orders of central command and you let the family go.
This all adds up to how you will be treated later in the game, as to whether random civilians you encouter on various planets love you or fear you because of your reputation.