This contains a pack of 300 helmet warriors.

I can’t stand the Chibi characters and thought the community needed a massive infusion of the non-chibi style. They are randomly generated but don’t look too shabby for being random.

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I used Game Character Hub to make the characters…and then I got all the looseleaf character parts for the clothing…and then I found a function in the app for the first time called “Randomly generate characters” and specified for it to use the looseleaf parts..and then it looked mostly ok except a few small quirks.

Original character parts obtained from MACK’s Looseleaf character Generator. Attribution of the original pieces (hairs, accessories, clothing pieces, etc goes to MACK..Thank You Mack):

I made these using the program Game Character Hub to generate them. Getting Game Character Hub on steam also comes with all the looseleaf parts as a Steam Workshop item…But there’s also a catch…

The sizes for the Looseleaf generator is for RPG Maker VX (which has lower resolution than MV)…So I also had to do the step of using batch image manipulation (GIMP/BIMP) and resized all of them to 150% of their normal size…I told the program to use nearest neighbor for the enlargement and they ended up looking like normal pixelated sprites. Yay!

Also since the Looseleaf generator was originally designed for RPG Maker XP, it’s grid size is 4 columns and 4 rows…But RPG Maker VX Ace and RPG Maker MV have 3 columns and 4 rows…So I also had to go into GIMP/BIMP (batch image manipulation) and then cut off 25% of the width (1 column)

Also had to use an app called “Advanced Re-namer” to rename all the files in bulk fashion to have the $ sign before the name so that they would fit the right size inside the RPG Maker MV app.

Hah writing this all out makes it sound more complicated then it felt when I did it. Long story short it was a lot faster to do a ton at a time then to do them one at a time.

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Use for whatever you want (commercial or non-commercial). You don’t need to give me credit. If you do give credit, much appreciated but I don’t care. Just don’t try to say that you made the stuff yourself or anything like that. Technically this license would fall under CC0 (Public Domain).

The original CC-3 license requires you to credit MACK and the looseleaf character generator. Please do that and you’re all good.

Galacti-Chron's Helmet Warrior Pack