Star-Shift has been updated to version 0.12. This update adds the Primera solar system as well as big changes to the battle system to make it not broken.

Enjoy the 0.12 pre-alpha the demo at:


Change Log:

  1. Vastly improved the battle system. The battle system basically works now. Click here for update on that.
  2. Added the Primera solar system and a story thread related to that.
  3. fixed many bugs and glitches that were crashing the game.
  4. Added 5 new playable characters.
  5. Added galaxy map

Notes when playing this demo:

  1. This is a pre-alpha demo, so there’s a lot that’s broken (like being able to walk through walls on certain maps, combat not balanced, etc.).
  2. Tactical battle system crashes if enemies attack, so for now they are not able to attack, you can get basic feel for the system though.
  3. Ignore the pink squares on the galaxy map, they are just placeholders for the stars.
  4. Looking for critical feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thank You!