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Galacti-Chron’s Abusive Prison Tileset Pack

Galacti-Chron’s Sci-Fi Worlds Pack – Abusive Prison tileset has been released!

This contains a full prison tileset. This includes characters (prisoners, a guard, and a warden), animated computer consoles, music, and tilesets (all layers). It can be used for any purpose but is sized for RPG Maker MV.

The video above shows a short preview of the pack in action. You are free to use this in your commercial and non-commercial projects. The pack is being created for our game in development (Star Shift).

While Star Shift is a commercial product, the development process and assets are using a 100% open development model.

As a bonus, the pack also contains a proof of concept for a tactical battle system (The Plugin is called LETBS)

If you’d like to use the pack in your game, you can download the files here:

Star Shift on Steam:





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Layer A2:

Layer A3:

Layer A4:


Layer A5:


Layer B:


Layer C:


Layer D:


Layer E:



Galacti-Chron's Prisoner Pack (Non-Chibi)

Terms of Use:

This Tileset Pack is licensed under cc0 (Public Domain), this means you are free to use the pack for commercial and non-commercial projects, royalty free, without crediting Galacti-Chron or Psychronic. Even though giving us credit is always appreciated.


Vector of some body parts:

Skeleton – LPC Character Generator:

16×16 Pixel Food Sprites – Sanglorian:×16-food-sprites

Pixabay – Dragon Sillhouette:

Evil Satan Devil Sillhouette:

Ninja Sillhouette – Pixabay:

Grim Reaper Sillhouette – Pixabay:

Thinking Woman’s head – Pixabay:

Various Textures – Eric Matyas:

Music – Deceased Superior Technician – 0nis:

Music – Alexandr Zhelanov – Caves of Sorrow:

Music – Gundatsch-InnerCore:


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