Star Shift has been updated to version 0.5. Normally we try to update once per month, but it’s been about 2 months. This however is a pretty big update. We fixed a lot of bugs, added more character development and story. We also added an army training/equipment system.

Every icon in the game has been replaced with originals as well (well at least 95% of them). If you’re wanting to try the game, now is a good time.

Change Log:
-Added Kelvana Prime side-quest
-Added system for equipping and training armies
-Combat Balancing changes
-Tactical Battle improvements
-Android character added to character selection system
-Storyline additions
-Character development additions
-Replaced all icons with original icons
-Added Aristocrat class
-Added skills for all classes
-Improved enemy AI
-Graphics upgrades

Star Shift on Steam:

Direct ZIP Download:





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