Star Shift has 2 battle systems. One of the battle systems is a standard RPG battle system sort of like the final fantasy series on Super Nintendo. The other is a tactical battle system (for space battles with ships/fleets). In this video we go over the various battle systems of the game. We have a problem in the current battle system we’re using though.

We got the human character style battle system to what we wanted it to be in RPG Maker VX Ace. The plugin we used in RPG Maker VX Ace was one of the Victor Engine Plugins called Animated Battlers,

Here’s a link to the original plugin:

When we ported to RPG Maker MV, the previous plugin’s functions were incompatible with MV. But Victor came through again and made a similar plugin. However this new plugin does not seem to allow for vertical battling (where characters are facing up, and enemies facing down).

The functionality of the old plugin on VX Ace allowing us to face the characters and enemies as vertical sprites is what we are trying to replicate in the new battle system.

The new plugin is a combination of 2 plugins (also by Victor). As far as we can tell there’s no functionality to allow the characters to be displayed vertically. Maybe we’ve missed something though. In the meantime we’ve used the battle system that’s available for MV from Victor to create a standard horizontal side to side battle system.

Battler Graphic setup:


Battle Motions:

Victor Sant designed both battle systems, we’re just using his convenient plugin (thanks Victor!).

As for the 3rd battle system involving tactical battles, this was a different plugin altogether called LETBS, a tactical battle system designed for RPG maker that’s not a nightmare to use compared to previous attempts in this area.

Here is the most updated link to LETBS Tactical battle system:

We are continuing to work on it but the battle system will actually be one of the last things we focus on…Because our game will be long, and the time it takes to play through the entire game over and over again is greatly shortened by making the battles easy and fast to beat.




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