In Star Shift, there are multiple ways to handle a specific problem and there’s many problems that pop up during the game. The game has many characters who can be recruited who will each add to the story (opening and closing certain plot lines).

Here is a very small example of what we mean. In this example you agree to help Jane Swift find her brother John Swift who’s been captured and tortured as well as experimented on.

Even though there’s more than 3 ways to handle this particular problem, we showed 3 of the most interesting scenarios.

Scenario 1:
You find John. He needs medical help. In an earlier part of the game you recruited a doctor/surgeon named Dr. Karen Langford who steps in to perform the surgery. After John Swift is medically treated, he will join your team.

Scenario 2:
You try the medical option like before, except you don’t have any doctor in your squad…You attempt to do the surgery yourself, but you accidentally cut through an artery and the guy bleeds out. His sister still decides to travel with you though.

Scenario 3:
You go full psycho and shoot the guy, and then when his sister freaks out you shoot her too. Then you order your crew to fall in line.

There will be no way to play through the game and get all the characters that could be available. Some will only join you if you are totally a good person, and others will only join you if you’re a total psycho. The result will be that if you played the game multiple times you’re getting different parts of the story.




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