Star-Shift has been updated to version 0.25. This update adds many fixes to the core gameplay of the game as well as aims to clean up the early gameplay and story.

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Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Android and iOS version coming soon, but the performance of the game is not satisfactory at this time on those platforms (weird lag, scenes don’t transition correctly, etc.)

Change Log:

  1. Fixed lag created from dynamic lighting.
  2. Implemented a tactical battle system for fleet and army battles
  3. Added over 20 new pieces of equipment and over 20 different skills
  4. Multiple bug fixes
  5. More story-line
  6. Added dialog backlog (hit shift to see any previous dialog that you missed)
  7. Added Quest Journal to keep track of what you’re trying to do

Notes when playing this demo:

  1. This is a pre-alpha demo, so there’s a lot that’s broken (like being able to walk through walls on certain maps, combat not totally balanced, etc.).





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