Galacti-Chron’s Music Collection

Terms of Use:
All of Galacti-Chron’s tracks are licensed under cc0 (Public Domain), this means you are free to use the tracks for commercial and non-commercial projects, royalty free, without crediting Galacti-Chron or Psychronic. Even though giving us credit is always appreciated. Enjoy!

Edited Tracks:
Tracks designated as “Galacti-Chron Remix” were edited from other tracks which have their own license (linked directly below the track).


Galacti-Chron – Winning the Race


Galacti-Chron – Unexpected Trouble


Galacti-Chron – Undercover Operative


Galacti-Chron – Tunnel Drilling


Galacti-Chron – Through the Portal


Galacti-Chron – The Groove


Galacti-Chron – Sewer Nightclub


Galacti-Chron – The Gears of Progress


Galacti-Chron – Sentry


Galacti-Chron – Robotic City V2


Galacti-Chron – Reflection of Progress


Galacti-Chron – Puppet Warehouse


Galacti-Chron – Our Last Chance


Galacti-Chron – On Patrol


Galacti-Chron – Night Prowler


Galacti-Chron – Let the Games Begin


Galacti-Chron – Internal Reflection


Galacti-Chron – Hit and Run


Galacti-Chron – High Alert


Galacti-Chron – Heavy Steroid Use


Galacti-Chron – Grime of the City


Galacti-Chron – Going Deep


Galacti-Chron – Futuristic Resources


Galacti-Chron – Dark Alleys, Dark Times


Galacti-Chron – Cracked Out Robot


Galacti-Chron – Continued Investigation


Galacti-Chron – Closing In


Galacti-Chron – City on Speed


Galacti-Chron – 200% Production


DST-Mechropolis (Galacti-Chron Remix)

(Attribution & License: DST-Mechropolis CC-3 Attribution license. Original: